Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No Stress Mess

I was in the dollar store yesterday and made one of those purchases that I wish I had made ages ago. Once again, I was reminded of a trick I used to recommend to people, and then entirely forgot about myself until something triggered my memory. It took my daughter pulling a pile of packaged shower curtains off of the shelf onto the floor for me to remember this fantastic little trick…
To save your floors and your sanity during craft activities, spread a plastic shower curtain under your child’s highchair, your kitchen table, or in the designated “craft area” in your home. The shower curtain will protect your floors from dripping paint, globs of glue, and those delightful little bits of glitter that never seem to disappear. When your child has finished his project, simply fold up the shower curtain and shake it off or wipe it down outside. Allow the curtain to dry, fold it up, and reuse the next time you decide to brave a particularly messy craft! Happy mess making!


  1. Great idea! Don't have a shower curtain but will remember to buy one.

  2. This is SO effective! I've been doing it since I first started teaching science at a junior high school. Shower curtains are great--nice post!