Sunday, October 17, 2010

Little Pumpkins

I honestly think there are few things on earth that can compare with the joy of a trip to the pumpkin patch. Tiny rubber-booted feet marching through the mud, the cold, crisp feeling of autumn in the air, brown fields speckled with plump orange pumpkins…The very thought of it makes me smile. We spent yesterday afternoon at the “punk-kwin” patch with our own little munchkin. And sitting on a hay bale, my arms wrapped around my muddy-booted toddler, I tried to just breathe in the perfection of that moment. The complications of life temporarily stowed away in some distant place beyond the realm of the hayride, I cuddled my little pumpkin and soaked it all in. These are the moments we will remember one day, when our children are grown, when the busyness has subsided. These are the moments we’ll hold on to forever. With our little pumpkins. So simple and sweet. The season for pumpkins will end before we know it, and another will begin. Our little ones are changing so quickly, far too quickly for this joyful mommy. The season of muddy-booted, hay bale cuddles will pass before we know it. I know there will be other seasons, each with its own kind of beauty. But for this moment I choose to stop and breathe in the air, cuddling my little pumpkin extra tight and appreciating with all my heart the perfection of this season.

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