Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Solving Puzzles

There are few toys that can cause clutter and playroom chaos quite like puzzles. Pieces end up everywhere, and can get lost or mixed up with other puzzle pieces so easily. This storage solution is a lifesaver for any family with more than one puzzle in their toy collection. Simply purchase a box of extra large zipper-style freezer bags. Some brands are larger than others, and not all will be big enough for standard sized wooden puzzles, so be sure to check the dimensions of the bags first. Once you’ve found bags that will fit, puzzle organization is so incredibly simple!
·         For board puzzles with inset pieces, insert all of the pieces into the puzzle and slide the entire puzzle into a storage bag.
·         To save space in storing jigsaw puzzles, cut the top (with the picture of what the puzzle should look like) off of the box. Slide the box top into the storage bag, picture side up, and place the puzzle pieces underneath, being sure to close the top of the bag so that pieces don’t get lost.
Your puzzles can now easily be stacked or stored on their sides in a box, without the risk of losing pieces.  We used this trick at work, easily keeping dozens of puzzles organized. It’s a trick I swear by, and use in my own home. Just one more trick for your joyful mommy tool kit!

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