Friday, September 24, 2010

Going Bananas

This week has been banana week at our house. After finally instilling a love of bananas in my fruit-wary toddler, I’ve been relishing my success and making bananas a snack time staple. I dreamed up this snack idea a couple of days ago, and it has become a hit. Healthy, convenient and fun, this snack might quickly find its way into your snack repertoire…
Banana Roll-Ups
1 small whole wheat or multigrain wrap
I large banana
Almond or peanut butter (I prefer organic almond butter – which tends to have less sugar, salt and other additives than peanut butter)
Raisins (optional)
Spread peanut or almond butter evenly on wrap. Place banana at the edge of the wrap, and roll. With a sharp knife, cut banana roll-up into thin slices and serve. For a fun twist, place a raisin at the centre of each roll-up slice to make an “eyeball”. I called this new snack creation “dinosaur eyes” (much to the delight of my dinosaur-loving daughter), but you can adapt the name to suit your child’s interests. Happy snacking!

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