Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Smoothie Popsicles

Ah, summer. There is nothing else quite like it. And though our summer has been incredibly busy this year (hence my negligence in posting!), it has also been lovely. What could be more wonderful than sitting in the sun out on the back deck with your munchkin? Well, perhaps sitting in the sun out on the back deck with your munchkin and popsicle!!
As the mommy of a typically picky toddler, I’m always looking for ways of getting healthy food into that cute little belly. This summer, smoothie popsicles have been the answer. Every time I make a smoothie for my daughter, I double the ingredients and pour whatever is left over into a popsicle mould. My little princess gobbles them up as though they were candy…and yet they’re very healthy and nutritious (shhh – don’t tell her that).
To make your own smoothie popsicle, simply blend together…
Yogurt (go for the plain, unsweetened kind –  it’s healthier, and your kids won’t notice the difference)
Whatever fresh or frozen fruit you have on hand
Pour well blended smoothie into popsicle moulds (available at most dollar stores) and freeze. Then simply serve and enjoy!
Helpful Hints:
·        This is a great way of using up slightly over-ripe fruit, or making use of yogurt that has almost reached its expiry date.
·         Be sure to make a few extra popsicles – mommies and daddies will love them too!

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